Shipping and Privacy Policy

Shipping Policy

Solar panels are fragile in nature. For proper handling, we partner with reliable third party providers for fast and safe deliveries.  Panels are packed in pallets and are marked properly. For your shipping rates and other details, here are our shipping partners:

AP Cargo

Gothong Shipping:

Shipping Time Delivery Time Total time for Delivery
10-14 Business days 14 Business days 7-9 Business days


Still have questions? Please Contact us or Call 8245-3329 for a shipping quote.

Note: If the product is damaged in transit, delivery partners will be liable. To let us know about any incident, call 8245-3329  to talk with a representative and request an inspection. You can also ask the representative to initiate a freight claim. Inside-delivery options are not provided by our carriers.

Privacy Policy

Sunfinity and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries (“Sunfinity”) are committed to protecting the information relating to you that you share with us (“Personal Data”). This includes our customers and visitors of the Sunfinity website(s), our business partners, and individuals who register to use our products and services, or to attend corporate events (“Customers”). This Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) describes our privacy practices in relation to the use of Sunfinity websites (including any customer portal or interactive website), our software, services, and related applications, and programs, including corporate events and research and marketing activities, offered by Sunfinity (the “Services”). This Privacy Notice also describes how we collect, access, use, disclose, correct, and otherwise process Personal Data to provide our Services and to generally operate our business (“Sites”).

Sunfinity Services include IT management and monitoring solutions, such as network, systems and database management, security solutions, applications and infrastructure monitoring, and IT helpdesk tools, for individuals as well as businesses; they are sold, directly and through distributors, resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs).

This Privacy Notice does not apply to information collected about Sunfinity employees, applicants, or other personnel.

Customer Data. As a provider of Services, we may receive, process or store certain information, including Personal Data, on behalf of our Customers (“Customer Data”). Such information is owned and controlled by our Customers, the data controllers for such information. Customer Data may include information from the end points and other systems, tools or devices that Customers manage or monitor using our Services, and end user data related to activities on the relevant networks and systems. It may also include event logs, end user information (such as IP address, email address and computer name), and other Personal Data, where relevant. As a data processor of the Customer Data, Sunfinity processes the Customer Data pursuant to the instructions from our Customers. For detailed privacy information related to where a Sunfinity customer and/or customer affiliate is the controller, please reach out to the respective customer directly.  Our customers’ privacy and security practices are their own and differ from those set forth in this Privacy Notice.

Third Party Links. The Sunfinity Sites may contain links to other websites, and information practices and/or the content related thereto shall be governed by the privacy notices of such other websites. Sunfinity accepts no responsibility arising from or regarding such third-party websites.